I don't wanna jinx it, but...

by Adam Peacock on Dec 05, 2011

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So it’s on a bit of a roll.

The start of the season started with high hopes. But so does Christmas morning for spoilt children, and when they open up the present they don’t like, it’s the only time they’ll ever look at it.

We are spoilt children as football fans. We can watch any game, anywhere in the world just about.

And the danger was, after the Melbourne Victory-Sydney FC game, and the surrounding hoopla, what would become of the league was the buzz wore off.

It’s gone ok.

Slowly building – exactly what the league needed more than an unsustainable boom.

The recklessness of excess and silly recruitment is slowly leaving these shores. Occasionally apparent, but less frequently, hopefully soon to wither away to next to never.

The crowds are testament to a healthier league. Not the be all and end all by any stretch as to how well your sport is. But still, worth revision – the last two seasons, the overall average dipped to 9,800, then 8,300. Now, it’s back over 12,000, thanks in part to the marquee effect, but also clubs like Newcastle becoming part of the community. They are not the only ones, but it is fantastic to go to Ausgrid Stadium and see so many families there.

Little wins, here and there. Like Victory’s talked about start, like Brisbane’s run and like Sydney breaking that run, which plonked itself on the back page of the Daily Telegraph the next day when Australia’s cricket team had just won a test. More people watching on TV. More regular mentions on the radio. Little wins.

The odd new sponsor popping here and there. Sure, Sydney don’t have a major one – but they are backing themselves, waiting for the right one to come along without selling themselves short. A risk, and unique in this league/financial period – but players are told to back themselves. Why not administrators?

Yeah, it’s not all rosey. For goodness sake, there’d be something seriously wrong if there wasn’t. The refs have boiled blood of onlookers more than once, some players aren’t getting paid on time, while Melbourne Victory ran out of shirts to sell its fans – good that you’re popular, but seriously, isn’t it obvious you need more when the stocks were a bit low and Santa Claus might want to put a few in some stockings?

But those thoughts go out the window when you watch the games. Not all are re-enactments of Brazil-Italy 1982. But there’s been more good ones than poor ones.

As a fan, may it continue, slowly building.