Riddle me this

by Adam Peacock on Oct 14, 2011

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The best thing about waiting for questions to be answered after the longest winter, is after one week, the answers aren’t there. Only more questions.

OK, one answer we got. Brisbane. They are as good. The same query exists there – who has the skill and tactical cruets to force the Roar to question their own abilities?

Yet look elsewhere. More question marks than the Riddler’s get up.

All and sundry are of the belief Central Coast are as good as last term, but their main creative outlet, Mustafa Amini is weeks away. Have they enough without him? (by the way – what good is it that they go to a junior World Cup and come back wrecked? How is that beneficial to anyone?)

Big things expected of them, yet Adelaide lost. Yes, the main one — Dario Vidosic — was missing, but are the new signings the right ones?

Perth beat them, yet Big Bad Billy Mehmet took his goal like Chicharito, and the rest performed unlike the geriatrics many had them marked down as.

How will Melbourne cope with Carlos Hernandez, who likes a free role, and Harry Kewell, who had it against Sydney, in the same team?

Sydney looked sturdy, yet the turgid nature of their play last campaign wasn’t exactly eradicated at Etihad. Signs, but no clear signal.

Melbourne Heart were in fast forward compared to the team of last season, but has that solved-problem created another defensively?

The result was pleasing against Heart, but given the coaching and marquee situation Newcastle is one big question mark. In gargantuan-sized font.

Will Wellington have enough players to get through a month, let alone a season? A pool for toddlers has more depth.

Can Gold Coast rely so heavily on young players like Ben Halloran and James Brown to provide attacking spark?

And then we got to the Socceroos, and minus Cahill, Kewell, Emerton and Schwarzer we dismissed Oman like we should dismiss a team ranked 105. But can we dismiss other opponents without the big-name quartet?

As Ben Somerford pondered on these pages, where does Cahill fit in? He has to play somewhere. Simple. He’s our best player. Simple. But who makes way? Complex. Thank goodness a man who seemingly has all the right answers now gets to deal with that one.

Yes, it’s a single weekend.

Cause for panic, no, even mild discomfort, after a great Round 1 would be flat out stupid, dumb and… stupid.

I don’t profess to have the answers to the above and we won’t get them anytime soon.
Nor should we expect them - let it all play out over 30 weeks.
We waited this long. What’s the rush?