Kossie is our Brian Clough

by Ashley Morrison on Dec 29, 2011

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If Harry Kewell is Australia’s answer to David Beckham, John Kosmina would have to be our equivalent to Brian Clough. Not only was he a prolific striker in his day like “ol big ‘ead” as Clough used to call himself, but he has proven to be not only controversial and outspoken, but a talented coach.

Kosmina has a talent like Clough for assembling a squad of players that will bring him and the club he is coaching the desired results on the park. He has steered two teams to the Asian Champions League, but circumstances have seen him never grace the competition as a coach. It would be wonderful for Australia if, like Clough, he could steer Adelaide to consecutive Asian Champion’s League trophies, but this year he is going to have his work cut out for him.

Like Clough, Kosmina tends to polarise support. There are some who simply cannot stand the man. There are others who see him for what he is; a man so passionate about football.

Kosmina confirmed his passion for the game when discarded by the A-League, he was not too proud to take up a coaching position in the South Australian state league. Not many who have graced the top flight have taken that option to stay involved in the game, but he says he did it because he loves football and wanted to stay involved.

The game in Australia needs the likes of John Kosmina, it needs that passion, it needs people like him wearing his heart/love of the game on his sleeve, and saying it as it is. We all know the game is not perfect and like a child in its infancy mistakes are made, but as you would point out those errors to a child, why shouldn’t the likes of Kosmina be allowed to say what they see and they believe. Football is a game of passion and opinions and John Kosmina has both, and is just the type of Australian figurehead the game needs.

By his own admission this time around “ I am little wiser.”