What's in a Western name

by Ben Somerford on Jun 20, 2012

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More than two-and-a-half months after its birth, the A-League's new Western Sydney franchise is set to get a name, logo and colours on Monday. So will it be worth the wait?

The smart money is on the club becoming known as the West Sydney Wanderers, although West Sydney Athletic is another strong possibility.

The FFA have registered both domain names, although the former was reportedly leaked on the A-League website in an advertisement for the first Sydney derby, which was promptly removed.

Will either please the fans?

The fact is you're never going to please everyone, and people will always come up with potential names (I actually believe it is most football forumites' favourite hobby), but at some point, you've got to pick one.

Both are very inoffensive and hardly going to upset anyone, but are they going to inspire people to support the club?

Of course, it's easy to say it's just a darn title, but names play a big part in the image of a club. Remember the feeling surrounding Sydney FC (who had a proper football name) before A-League Season One.

A pertinent point is that over time that dissipates as the true image of the club naturally evolves as the years go by, but if this new franchise wants to get off on the right foot, this is the kind of thing they need to get right (well actually, at least, not wrong).

My personal opinion is both of the aforementioned names are adequate and I'm just glad they haven't opted for something like the Thunder or the Fury (or god forbid the Unicorns!). Then again take a quick glance at the NBA and perhaps these types of weather-associated names can bring on-field success (long bow, I know).

As for suggestions from critics that it has taken too long for the FFA to announce the name, logo and colours, they're off the mark. As the club's chairman Lyall Gorman said these are the fundamentals of the club and they want to make sure they get them spot on.

Fair enough really. And honestly, I can understand concerns about getting the playing squad together given the limited amount of time ahead of the 2012-13 season kick-off in early October, but what's the rush with a name, logo and colours?

So for the next few days, as already has been the case, rumours will spread and we'll probably know the club's name before the FFA formally announce it. But whatever the case, it must be seen as a time of genuine excitement.

For once, I've actually got firm confidence in the FFA getting the name right... well actually I've got confidence in them not getting it totally wrong. But I'll take that.

There's no need for anything outrageous with the new West Sydney club, it's more about the actual product and putting things in place with due diligence. As after all, in four months time, the A-League will have its first ever Sydney derby and that in itself is exciting enough.