At long last, a Sydney Derby

by Alex's view from the terrace on Nov 06, 2012

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To have a game of this magnitude and importance to attend easily made-up for the fact that I only managed to get to one fixture in this round. At long last, Melbourne doesn't boast the only city derby in our league. Credit to the Red & Black Bloc and the away Cove both, they made it a proper event. The mutually taunting tifos, the banter and the songs from either side made for a truly memorable atmosphere on an historic evening for the A-League. Credit is also due to FFA for making the right decision in not moving the match to the 80,000 capacity barn at Homebush. It almost certainly would have increased the gate takings but would have diluted the intensity tenfold. To be see “SOLD OUT” signs at Parramatta Stadium and to enjoy the noise of such a full venue did this football fan's heart a power of good. Even though this rivalry is still only one game old, it's unmistakeably real. The bragging rights may be with the sky blue side of the city, for now, but there'll be at least two more editions of this derby in season 8 alone to enjoy. I, for one, can't bloody wait for the next one. By the way, does anyone else reckon that Del Piero had been on the red cordial pre-game? That tongue...

My only real gripe would be in the weekend's scheduling. Who's bright idea was it to have both the F3 derby and the Sydney derby on the same day? Had one or the other been slated for the Friday night or the Sunday instead then I'd have been able to get to both, no question. As it is, I'll just have to wait for this coming Friday to see another game up in Newcastle when the Jets host the Victory.