For the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa, Green & Gold Army on Tour was sub-licensed under the FIFA Official Tour Operator Program, which enabled us to access tickets for all tour participants.

Unfortunately, FIFA announced in July 2012 that it would not be operating the Official Tour Operator Program for Brazil. What this means is that no tour operator, including GGArmy On Tour, will be able to offer tickets with their travel packages for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil.

What this means is fans will have to access their tickets through:

  • The FIFA ticket ballot (details below)
  • The Football Federation Australia (FFA) ticket ballot. This will take place in December 2013 after the official draw. The FFA will receive 8% of the allocation of tickets for each stadium that the Socceroos are drawn to play in.

When do tickets for the 2014 FIFA World Cup go on sale?
The first tickets for the 2014 FIFA World Cup will go on sale from 20 August 2013 until 10 October 2013 on a Random Selection Draw basis and from 5 November 2013 to 28 November 2013 on a First Come First Served basis.

Do I need to apply for tickets on the 20th August and will I be disadvantaged if I apply at the end of the first ticketing phase?
Fans may apply for tickets at any time, it makes no difference as to when the application is made, as all orders will all be processed together.

What types of tickets can I purchase?
There are three (3) types of ticket products available for the 2014 FIFA World Cup:

  • Individual Match Tickets are tickets for a specific match;
  • Venue Specific Ticket Series (VST) are ticket strips for a specific venue. Strips include the Group Matches (not including the Opening Match), Round of 16 and 3rd / 4th place match, played at the specific venue and;
  • Team Specific Ticket Series (TST) are ticket strips to follow the national team of the customer’s choice.

What are the different ticketing categories available?
There will be four (4) Ticket price categories for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, as per previous events.

  • Category 1 is the highest priced and located in prime areas within the stadium.
  • Categories 2 and 3 are located outside of the Category 1 area.
  • Category 4 is the most affordable and is reserved exclusively for residents of Brazil.

Are the seating configurations the same in every stadium?
The seating at each stadium and each match is configured differently. Category boundary locations may differ from match to match.

The below stadium configuration is an example of how the different price categories (and other customer groups) may be applied.

How much will tickets cost?
For the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Tickets will be made available for purchase to residents of Brazil in Brazilian Reals (BRL) and to international customers in US Dollars (USD). The prices are as follows:

How does a Team Series Ticket (TST) work?
Depending on which TST is applied for, the TST may include between 3 and 7 matches (TST-3, TST-4, TST-5, TST-6 and TST-7). The TST purchased guarantees the customer Tickets for each round of the tournament that is included in their TST, regardless of whether the Team itself qualifies.

The table below illustrates how the Fixed Team Specific Ticket Series principle is implemented

How many tickets can I purchase?
The maximum number of Tickets that a ticket applicant can apply for is four (4) tickets per match, and must be of the same category for each match.
The Ticket applicant may apply for up to 7 matches; however, applicants are unable to apply for Tickets to 2 matches that take place on the same day.
Ticket applicants have the ability to apply for individual Match Tickets, VST’s and TST’s but must still abide by the sales restrictions.

How do I pay for my tickets?
For International Customers, it will be possible to purchase Tickets via the following payment mechanisms:
• Other accepted payment cards
• Bank Wire transfer (Bank Wire Transfers will only be accepted for international customers that apply for Tickets via the hard copy Ticket Application Form, downloadable from the Ticketing section on

When will I find out if I have been successful in applying for tickets?
All successful, partially successful and unsuccessful Ticket applications will be sent a notification confirming the outcome of their ticket application, or can always check the status.

How will I be notified if I have been successful, partially successful and unsuccessful?
All successful and partially successful Ticket applicants, who apply for Tickets via the internet at, will receive a confirmation message by email, or SMS if an email address is not available, advising them of the Tickets that they have been successfully awarded.

All unsuccessful Ticket applicants applying online will also receive a message by email, or SMS, advising that they have been unsuccessful in their Ticket application. Applicants can also check the status of their account at any time by checking online at or through the IVR system.

Where do I collect my tickets from?
For the 2014 FIFA World Cup, all General Public Tickets will be available for collection at designated FIFA Venue Ticketing Centres in each of the Host Cities, as well as at certain additional collection points within those Host Cities. Further details will be provided prior to the opening of these locations in 2014.

If I am successful in getting tickets but no longer want them can I transfer them to someone else?
FIFA’s policies allow fans to purchase tickets for their own use and the use of their guests, in order to provide fair and equal access to all fans at official prices established by FIFA. For the reasons described in detail in Section 7.1, entitled “Prohibition on Unauthorised Resales and Cooperative Enforcement Activities,” FIFA objects to secondary market resellers buying and reselling match tickets. Therefore, as one operational measure intended to protect fans and the integrity of FIFA’s ticketing operation, there are limits on the transfer of tickets. Full details regarding the Ticket Transfer and Resale policy will be posted online.

Will I get match tickets if I apply through the FIFA ballot?
There are no guarantees on getting a ticket if you apply through the FIFA Ticketing Ballot. If the number of applications exceeds the number of available tickets for a given match and/or category, then a Random Selection Draw(s) will take place at the end of the RSD period to determine the recipients.

What if I miss out on tickets in the first phase will I have other opportunities to apply for tickets?
Yes, there will be another 2 FIFA ticketing phases, plus another ticketing ballot to be conducted by the Participating Member Association (in our case the FFA) in December following the draw

Phase 2 will commence two days after the Final Draw on 8 December 2013 when football fans will know where their respective teams will be playing. The 1st part of the sales phase will be again a ticket request collection period with orders to be made until 30 January 2014. Random selection draws will take place if applications exceed the number of available tickets for a given match and/ or category. First Come First Served tickets will be available from 26 February 2014 to 1 April 2014.

In the Last Minute Sales Phase from 15 April 2014 up until the final match day of the tournament, tickets will be available to all customers online and Over the Counter at the designated FIFA Venue Ticketing Centres. Please refer to section 4.2 for further details.

Why does the FFA get an allocation of tickets and how many will they get?
As a Participating Member Association the FFA will be offered an allocation of tickets to Australia’s 3 Group Matches. This allocation is eight per cent (8%) of the purchasable quota in the respective stadiums where their matches will be played. These tickets will be split between Categories 1, 2, 3 and wheelchairs.

What type of tickets will be available to the FFA as a Participating Member Association for allocation to supporters?
The FFA will have access to the following two kinds of Ticket Products:

  • Team Specific Tickets: Team Specific Tickets are tickets available for the 3 Group Matches played by the Socceroos (i.e. 3 matches between matches 1 and 48).
  • Conditional Team Specific Tickets: These are tickets available for the 4 knockout stage matches (one Round of 16, one Quarter-Final, one Semi-
    Final and the 3rd Place Match or the Final) that could potentially be played by the Socceroos (i.e. 4 matches between matches 49 and 64).

When will the Participating Member Association Ballot for the Tickets the FFA receive open?
This is subject to confirmation and organisation by the FFA, but immediately following the Final Draw, ticket applications will be accepted through the dedicated PMA Supporter website established by the FIFA Ticketing Office. This phase will take place between 08 December 2013 and 07 February 2014.

During this time:

    • PMAs will apply for their Football Family Tickets.
    • PMAs will submit for consideration their Ticket Allocation Groups and will allocate quotas to them.
    • PMA Supporters will apply for their tickets through their PMA Ticketing website, which is managed directly by the FIFA Ticketing Office on behalf of FIFA.
    • All ticket requests submitted will be accepted and will remain in pending status.

Random Selection Draw for PMA Supporters Applications

    • A Random Selection Draw will take place immediately following the closure of the Sales Phase for those matches which are oversubscribed.

Confirmation and Payment

    • All successful PMA Supporters will be notified of the outcome of the Random Selection Draw in mid-February. Payment will be taken pursuant to the applicable Sales Regulations.

What if you miss out in the ballots?
We have attended numerous world cups over the years, and in our experience, if you want to purchase a ticket to a match, then so long as you are willing to pay a premium, you will generally be able to access a ticket either through ticket agencies or on the ground in Brazil. However, we can’t guarantee this.

GGArmy On Tour will use its best endeavours to connect you with ticketing services, however we reiterate that access to tickets cannot be 100% guaranteed and tickets are in no way, shape, or form, part of any of the our tour options/packages.

Either way, booking with GGArmy On Tour ensures the trip of a lifetime with all the fun, colour and excitement of the Brasil Copa Mundial.