About the GGArmy

Since 2001, the Green and Gold Army (GGArmy) has provided an important link for fans seeking info on ticketing and travel, marshalling 'active support', as well as general Socceroos and Australian football news and information via the group’s website, including forums and e-newsletters.

Free to join, GGARMY.com is the virtual club house for Australia’s 18,000 strong national football fan network, bringing together Socceroos supporters based in more than 60 countries. A completely revamped and reenergised site now carries daily news on Australian football as well as an award-winning line up of bloggers, in addition to all the staples that have sustained the site over a decade including a busy fan forum, and general info on the happenings of the group.

On Socceroos match days, the GGArmy is the central logistical focus for fans including the facilitation of pre and post game events and in-stadium support of the Australian national team.

The GGArmy’s pre and post match events are the largest and most identifiable fan gatherings at each and every Socceroos game, home and abroad. These events regularly draw hundreds and thousands of fans when the Socceroos are in town, but this is not where the GGArmy experience starts and ends.

Dedicated Live Sites in all Australian capitals, some regional centres and around the world help to form a virtual match day experience. Whether the Aussie team is playing in Manama or Melbourne there is always a dedicated community of fans congregating under the GGArmy umbrella in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Melbourne and beyond.

Then there’s the stadium itself. While the GGArmy membership is diverse in its demographic profile, a core focus of the group is in the stadium on match days where it forms the nucleus of the home end support.

When it comes to supporting the teams on the road, the GGArmy is there. Through dozens of programs, both official and unofficial, the group has had fans in outposts as far flung as Uzbekistan and Qatar, through to Germany and Japan. Fully organised tours via travel partner, the Event Travel Office, have been conducted to the AFC Asian Cup in Thailand, for FIFA World Cup qualifiers in China and at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, where more than 500 fans joined the ‘army’ in Johannesburg.


A high-quality magazine tailored for the Australian football market delivered free in the electronic space to GGArmy members.

Coinciding with the relaunch of ggarmy.com in mid-2011, ITYS Magazine is offered complimentary to all members. ITYS is committed to covering the world game through Australian eyes with inventive, compelling and entertaining content.

‘I told you so’ was the famous catch-cry of Australian football crusader, the late Johnny Warren, in reference to an imagined future time when football will take pride of place in Australian sport. Thus ITYS’ foundation partner is the Johnny Warren Football Foundation.