Dear FIFA, You do not represent us.

by Adam Peacock on Jun 02, 2011

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Dear FIFA,

You do not represent us.

You do not represent people who love the game, who get out of bed at 6am on a Saturday to put corner flags and nets up for the days play, then stand in a canteen all day serving red frogs to the masses.

You do not represent the kid with shin pads up to the knees, meeting where the shirt hangs down to, who scores a first ever goal, then thinks “when does Santa get here?” because surely, Christmas has come early.

You do not represent the kid who doesn’t get a kick, because the grass is much more interesting to play with, but tells mum and dad “that was so much fun – when are we playing next week?”

You do not represent the coach who can’t stop smiling after the kids he mentors get a result they never thought they’d could.

You do not represent the referee in Adelaide who recently got his lights punched out, but wants to keep reffing… because he loves it.

You do not represent the parent who drives the child on a 150km round trip to training, three times a week. And pays the fees. And buys Wayne Rooney’s replica boots. And enjoys it, because the kid enjoys it.

You do not represent the creaky cranky bones of amateur players, who take themselves way too seriously for 90 minutes on a field that looks like it’s been bombed — and then afterwards stand around, beer in hand, taking the piss out of what just happened.

You do not represent us as we shake our heads at Barcelona passing the ball to each other like they share one mind. And I’m pretty sure you don’t represent Leo Messi when he makes everyone look and feel inferior in three steps and half a second.

You do not represent those who stay up until the birds awake to watch a team on the other side of the world continually frustrate. And those who stay up a week later for more of the same.

All of this is from one tiny pocket of football civilisation, far away from the alleged bribes and muckracking and backstabbing and that political toilet in Zurich.

Sorry FIFA, you do not represent us.

Sort yourselves out.

Now don’t mind us, we’ll be right here, loving football.


OK, got that of my chest, just wanted to give a quick plug to our upcoming Socceroos telecasts on Fox Sports.

Over the two matches against New Zealand and Serbia, we’ll have the usual fair of one hour pre-games, the match itself and detailed post game analysis.

We’ll also be catching up with Mitch Langerak. When I say we, I mean Bozza will do the interview, so that promises to be entertaining.

Also, we’ve done a special feature on Sasa Ognenovski – with words from not just the Og Monster himself, but those around him - from mates to former coaches and family. It’s an inspiring tale.